Toddlers fussy eating advice and tips

Toddlers are notorious fussy eaters. In fact if you have a toddler who isn’t a fussy eater, you are likely to be in a minority. With some toddlers living off practically the same food day after day, many exasperated parents desperately try and entice their toddler into eating a more varied diet, often to no avail.

Patience is the key with any quandary you may be having with your toddler, although as practising a patient attitude won’t make your little one eat a more varied diet, you may be forced to resort to the following five tips for toddlers fussy eating!

 Toddlers fussy eating

1-    Serve any new food or food that they have previously rejected with their favourite food. In other words, disguise new food by surrounding it with food they do like. Also try serving ‘dubious’ food in a different way. For example, if they’ve pulled their nose up at cooked carrots, serve them raw!

2-    Serving small portions to toddlers can often make them more inclined to eat what’s on their plate rather than feeling overwhelmed and pressurised into eating a big plate of food.

3-    Involving your child with the preparing, cooking or even shopping for the food can rouse up interest in food. Knowing that he has helped to cook the meal can often mean he is more prepared to eat his own creation!

4-    Instead of mealtimes being a battle, try to make them enjoyable. Set the table for all the family and eat together. Tackle toddlers fussy eating by making mealtimes fun by putting some music on, telling jokes and playing games such as ‘food I spy!” Let your child perceive mealtimes as a happy ‘family time’ rather than another battle with Mum!

5-    Finally, whilst it is important that patience is applied, it is equally as important that you don’t ‘give in’. If your child does refuse to eat his meal, don’t let him just skip it and have a dessert. In not letting him eat until next mealtime, he’s likely to be less inclined to refuse his next plate of food!