Top Baby Names for 2015

The list is out! The top baby names for 2015 have been revealed and Amelia and Oliver are on top!

Top Baby Names for 2015

Now even if you’re a list-hater (popular names are so just so un-cool) you can’t deny the pull-factor of ‘top 10’; you don’t mean to but you kind of want to look anyway…so (woop!) here it is (we’re not judging):

The top 10 baby girls’ names are:

  • Amelia
  • Olivia
  • Isla
  • Emily
  • Poppy
  • Ava
  • Isabella
  • Jessica
  • Lily
  • Sophie

The leading boys’ names are:

  • Oliver
  • Jack
  • Harry
  • Jacob
  • Charlie
  • Thomas
  • George
  • Oscar
  • James
  • William

And some interesting stats to go along with the dreaded ‘list of popularity’:

  • Characters from TV show “Game Of Thrones” have been inspiring some parents, with babies named Arya, Khaleesi and Tyrion.
  • New entrants to the top 100 included Robyn, Nancy and Lottie for girls and Jackson, Joey and Ellis for boys.
  • For boys, Dexter has seen the largest increase in popularity over the past decade, and Kian had the biggest jump since last year.
  • Harper, the name David and Victoria Beckham chose for their daughter in 2011, has seen the largest rise in the girls’ list.

Feeling inspired? Or deterred, perhaps? Either way, it’s always worth remembering that the name you give your child will always be unique because it belongs to your child – forget the data; choose a name you love, popular or not!

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