Top five parenting fears

According to a new poll by the folks at there are five things that keep parents up at night when it comes to their kids – five ‘parenting fears’ that induce worry and anxiety to greater or lesser degrees. Check ‘em out:

Top five parenting fears

  1. Educational fears – the top concern for parents is that their children will not receive the educational opportunities they need to reach their full potential. Interestingly, the parents who participated in the poll were mostly mums and dads with very young children.
  2. Stranger danger – a fear that is heightened by attacks on children reported in the media.
  3. Accidents and injuries – especially car accidents.
  4. Bullying – fear that a child will not fit in socially or will get picked on.
  5. Issues linked to weight and eating – whether it’s obesity or anorexia.

What’s striking about the aforementioned worry-points is that we seem to fear the things we can’t control. Now obviously we can put helmets on our children and make sure they stay away from busy roads and swimming pools without fences; we can maintain a good food ethic at home; communicate well so we know what’s going on in our kids’ social lives and we can send them to good schools and save for their tertiary education. But even so, there is still loads that is not within the realms of our control. It’s a scary thought…no wonder we’re up at night worrying!

There are, however, things we can do to minimise the anxiety we might feel over any of the fears listed above – read “Top 5 parenting fears and what you can do about them” for more insight and some great tips on how to manage our parenting fears.

What is your greatest parenting fear?