Top pregnancy app for mums-to-be

Sprout, a pregnancy app for mums-to-be by Med ART studios, is something mums-to-be will certainly love.

The app’s  most ‘set apart’ feature is its graphic content, which boasts stunning 3-D images of what the baby looks like in the womb at each stage of its development.

Sprout contains all the usual pregnancy app stuff:

  • Helpful info about you and your babs (written by doctors and mums-to-be).
  • A weight tracker, kick counter, contraction timer.
  • Personal ‘My Baby’ and ‘Doctor Says’ sections.
  • Social media sharing functions.
  • A visual pregnancy timeline.
  • A doctor visit planner.
  • A to do list.
  • A hospital bag checklist.
  • Newborn essentials.
  • A kick counter.
  • A contraction counter.

Everything can be customised including the 3-D images, which adapt to your baby’s gender. And at about nine weeks, you’ll be able to hear your digital baby’s heartbeat.

It’s always fun to follow what’s going on in your body, especially because you can see none of it going on! The realistic images make the whole experience all the more real and all the more exciting.

CLICK HERE to download Sprout, which costs around £2.50.