The Top Ten Things Pregnant Women Worry About

Prenatal anxiety is afflicting more mums-to-be than what was once thought; while pregnancy is obviously an exciting time (when you’re not hugging the porcelain or lamenting the state of your cankles, that is), there are plenty things one can get stressed about – and regardless of whether the worries are rooted in logic or not, they can still make those 9 long months more difficult to endure.

pregnant woman and soft toy

Madeformums reveals the top ten things that are keeping preggers women up at night – alongside their beleaguered bladders:

1. The health of their baby (85%)

2. Losing their baby (65%)

3. All the stories about things that can go wrong (46%)

4. The unknown (38%)

5. Intense morning sickness or fatigue (36%)

6. Unexpected changes to their body (25%)

7. Struggling to keep the pregnancy a secret (23%)

8. Pregnancy symptoms (e.g. pain or spotting) (23%)

9. How the pregnancy would fit into their life/personal circumstances (23%)

10. Not being able to tell friends or colleagues about the pregnancy (20%)

These fears are pretty common, and it’s important to note that their presence does not necessarily constitute a diagnosis of a severe case of antenatal anxiety; these concerns usually pass once you reach the later stages of pregnancy.

However, if you are finding it increasingly difficult to cope with intrusive worries surrounding your pregnancy, always consult with your doctor – having a baby is scary, yes, but it’s so much more good stuff, too.

Via madeformums