Top three promises that are OK for mums to break

From never drinking a drop of alcohol to never letting your baby watch television, new mums can make some pretty taxing promises.  Whilst you may promise yourself the earth as you intend to be the ‘model’ mum, when reality sets in many of these promises can be broken. But does it really matter?

Instead of beating yourself up by pledging often unrealistic goals in your quest to be a saintly mother just remember there are some promises that will be ok if they are broken.

 three mummy promises

Check out these top three promises that are OK for mums to break.

I won’t pick my baby up every time she cries

Before their baby arrives many mums-to-be tell themselves that they won’t rush to their baby’s every whim and to bring up an independent child that sleeps well they will leave the baby crying for a little while until she falls back to sleep.

It sounds tough and it is tough and in reality most mums cannot resist scooping up their child at any murmur! While not only is picking up a distressed baby a natural instinct of motherhood but recent research has also suggested that it helps to develop a bond between mother and baby.

Zero alcohol while breastfeeding

So you’ve refrained from drinking any alcohol whatsoever for a full nine months and now your bundle of joy is here and is the picture of health you’d do anything for a drink, but unfortunately you can’t because you’re breastfeeding.

Whilst drinking excessive amount of alcohol is an obvious parental no-no whether you are breastfeeding or not, recent research has revealed that it’s safe for nursing mums to consume one or two alcoholic drinks a week.

I will never give my baby a dummy!

Many parents don’t like to look of a baby with a dummy, or pacifier as they are now commonly referred to, in a baby’s mouth and vow never to give their own baby one.

The truth is pacifiers can help soothe a restless, fretful and distressed baby and can even help promote a better night’s sleep and for many mums, can be their saviour!