Top Tips for Cycling with Baby

When summer rolls around, we inevitably look for ways to maximise our time outdoors – dusting off the ole set of wheels is always a great option.

cycling family

But what about if you’ve got a tot in tow?

Check out these expert top tips for getting back in the saddle — with baby on board.

“As soon as your baby can sit up straight (from around 10 months onwards), you can get them on the bike,” says CycleChic founder Caz Nicklin.
Besides the obvious riding-for-recreation, next to walking, cycling is the most frugal, stress-free form of transport – only faster. Once you’ve invested in the bike gear, the rest is completely free. Plus, you’ll avoid the buggy battle on the bus, traffic during the school run, and get in some fabulous fresh air (and give your glutes some love, too…).

Here are Caz’s 3 simple tips to help you feel confident and safe when cycling with your lil’ passenger:

1. Have a lesson.

“Adult cycling lessons have been increasing in popularity over the past 10 years and in some boroughs of London they are free or heavily subsidised,” explains Caz. “I would highly recommend a lesson for anyone who is new to or has had a break from urban cycling.”

2. Find routes off road. 

Have a look at the cycle lanes in your area, including routes through parks; going off road and opting for the scenic tour makes the ride so much more relaxed and pleasurable for both of you.

3. Get off and push! 

Don’t feel pressurised to continue pedalling if the road feels too busy and chaotic – particularly when you’ve a child travelling with you. Instead, dismount safely and push along the pavement until you’re ready to spin those spokes again.