Beautiful and unusual traditional baby names

One of the biggest decisions (if not THE biggest) you’ll make as a parent is deciding on a name for your baby. While baby name fashions come and go, there are some beautiful traditional names that are sometimes overlooked, without being too ‘out there’. Here are some lovely names that may inspire you, along with their meanings.


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Traditional names for boys


Ernest – This name has been around for centuries and many famous people, including Ernest Hemingway, can inspire this name for new generations.


Frederick – While Freddie is very popular for boys; Frederick is a great name when used in full. It means ‘peaceful ruler’.


Herbert – This is a name that’s yet to make a big return to modern-day baby names, but is super cool, with its meaning being ‘illustrious warrior’.


Jeffrey – A cute name for a baby boy and can be shortened to Jeff for a cooler take on it as a teen through to adulthood. Means ‘peace’.


Leonard – Another great name that will stand the test of time, Leonard can be shortened to Lenny or Len if wanted.


Theodore – This is a gorgeous name for a boy that can be shortened to Theo, which is very cool too. It’s of Greek descent, meaning ‘God’s gift’.


Traditional names for girls


Edith – This name is often shortened these days to ‘Edie’. However, the full name is just as beautiful, and its meaning is ‘prosperity through battle’.


Hilda – A great old-fashioned name that is due a revival, the meaning of Hilda is ‘battle woman’.


Mabel – Although this beautiful name dates back to the fifth century, it didn’t become popular until the 19th century. With its meaning being ‘loveable’, it’s the perfect name for a baby girl.


Minnie – Not only cute for a Disney loving little girl, this name is an underused and very cool baby name.


Nell – While usually shortened from Eleanor, Nell is a beautiful old-fashioned name in itself, which means ‘light’.


Winifred – This old English name means ‘holy and blessed’ and it’s also just as beautiful in its shortened version of Winnie or Win.