Creative ways to treasure your baby’s clothes


Tiny baby clothes are wonderfully cute, but often have only been worn for a short time. Babies grow so quickly that your little one may only get to wear a favourite outfit once before it’s too small. It can be hard to let go of treasured clothes, so here are some creative ways you can keep these in your life a little bit longer.

Memory blanket

You can turn baby clothes into a lovely blanket for your child to snuggle up to and for you to keep. You can use all sorts of different clothing in all colours and patterns to make a really unique blanket. Just stitch shapes cut from clothing together and attach them to a snuggly lining. You can get really creative with this – why not try squares, hexagons or even a collage of all sorts of shapes and decorations?

Nursery pillow

Take some of your baby’s outgrown clothes and decorate a pillow or cushion with them. Cut out characters or shapes from the clothes and attach them to the cover of the cushion to create a keepsake. This can be a great way to display super cute designs you can’t bear to let go of.

Christmas stocking

This idea is great to make after your baby’s first Christmas, as you’ll no doubt be inundated with items of clothing to celebrate this occasion. You can use these out-grown clothes to make a personalised stocking your child can treasure for years to come.

Snack pouches

Using old clothing to make envelope-style snack pouches is a great way to do away with plastic bags. Perfect as a re-usable snack holder, you can simply pop them in the washing machine after each use.

Wall art

Art made from old clothing is a fabulous way to brighten up a room. Cut out letters or shapes from old clothing and stuff them to make unique wall art. You could make letters that spell out the name of your child and put them in their nursery.