How to Treat Baby’s Cold

Winter is here and ’tis the season – for runny noses, annoying coughs, and wishing for the sun to return with its warming rays…

Runny nose

On average, children will catch around 7 colds before their first birthday – more if they’re in nursery. And each time the pestilence pays a visit, it ain’t no party. For anyone.

The signs of a cold are easy to spot (fever, stuffy, runny nose, cough, swollen, red eyes, irritability, disturbed sleep, loss of appetite). Sadly, however, despite our well-versed familiarity with the viruses, unless it is bacterial, you cannot vanquish a cold. But there are a few ways to at least make babs feel more comfortable, and less crabby, while she rides it out – and possibly nurse Mum, too.

If your tot is over 4 months, administering paracetamol can help ease fever and sore throats – but get the go-ahead from your GP first before doing so and always follow dosage advice carefully.

A humidifier will soothe coughs; also, moistened air passages are less favourable for cold germs than dry ones.

A few drops of saline solution can help clear up mucus for better breathing. A good idea is to follow with a nasal bulb to extract the gross stuff.

Keep your little one hydrated and well-rested. If the cold symptoms do not improve after 5 days, or if your baby is under 3 months and the fever is 38 degrees C or above, contact your doctor immediately.