Turn Photos of Your Kids into a Monthly Magazine with the Recently App

On average, parents upload around 900 photos of their children (as in each of their children) on social media before they turn five…that’s a ton of effort spent cropping, choosing filters, and concocting sentimental captions.

Turn Photos of Your Kids into a Monthly Magazine with the Recently App

And after all that, the special moments simply get lost somewhere in the newsfeed.

But an amazing new app, called Recently Magazine, is about to change the way we display and store the images of our little loved ones; keeping it personal, accessible, and beautiful.

The Recently app automatically curates photos from your camera roll, and then publishes them in monthly magazine – which is then delivered straight to your door.

You’ll receive an actual 7×10 magazine, printed on archival quality Mohawk Paper, every month, and the content is purely the stuff that matters: memories.

You have the ability to decide which photos you want included, by simply clicking on them (it’s a far easier process than the Facebook/Instagram malarkey). There are no templates or borders to agonise over, and zero editing options, which is a good thing; leave it to the professionals, and once you’ve flipped over a new calendar page, you’ll have a shiny new coffee-table style album to show off about — with glossy, gorgeous prints of your gorgeous offspring.

Turn Photos of Your Kids into a Monthly Magazine with the Recently App

Of course, Recently is designed for anybody – kids or no kids – but it’s especially genius for parents, whose phone storage capacity is monopolised by thousands of happy snaps; no mum or dad has the time to sift through the pics and do something meaningful with them all. Plus, the developers are hinting at a future upgrade which will allow others to subscribe to your magazine – quite possibly the most creative, awesome Christmas gift for Granny. Ever.

Download the app on iTunes HERE.

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