Two child friendly holiday ideas

The prospect of battling it out on the airplane, plying an endless supply of sun lotion on your baby’s delicate skin and entertaining an infant in 30 degrees Celsius, can seem a little daunting, and for many parents can be enough to put them off embarking on a holiday to sunnier climes until their children are at least five years old!

The truth is that whilst the preliminary preparation and journeying to your destination with a baby in tow may be hard work, the rewards can be endless, not only to see your bundle of joy dipping his tiny toes in the sea for the first time!

child friendly holiday

If you are pondering over where to go on holiday with your baby this year, then read on as we explore two child friendly holiday ideas for a summer holiday 2012!

Caserio del Mirador, Spain

Spain is a popular choice for climate, value for money and ‘child-friendliness’, and none more so than the Caserio del Mirador, which has been dubbed as being one of the ‘finest child friendly holiday destinations in Europe’.

Set in the beautiful olive-strewn hills of rural inland Spain, Caserio del Mirador is geared up for a child, toddler and baby friendly holiday. Asides there being plenty of play areas to keep older babies and toddlers entertained, there are numerous friendly pets for children to meet.

Having extensive grounds of terraces and gardens and being blessed with a surrounding landscape of forested hillsides, Caserio del Mirador is the perfect place to go on walks with babies and toddlers whilst staying shaded from the cool of the trees.

For more information on one of Europe’s most child-friendly holiday destinations, visit the Caserio del Mirador website at

Royal Caribbean Cruises

Now you’ve just spent the last nine months pregnant, you’ve been bogged down by endless sleepless nights and three-in-the-morning feeds, if anyone deserves to treat themselves to a rather special holiday this summer, then its you!

Why not experience your first holiday as a family in style by going on a highly baby friendly Royal Caribbean Cruise?

Parents can literally ‘zonk out’ in the height of luxury onboard these luxury cruise ships, whilst their bundles of joy are entertained at the Royal Babies and Tots programmes the cruises put on.

These baby and toddler programmes are held in the ship’s colourful playrooms, which are fitted out with quality toys, crayons and colouring books designed to ensure your little ones have a stimulating and highly entertaining time.

And for that quality evening time, yourself and your partner have lacked in recent months, why not take advantage and have your own qualified baby-sitter come to your room in the evenings!

For more information on this height of quality and super baby-friendly cruises, visit