UK Families are Splashing out on Yearly Holidays

More than half of UK families plan to spend more on their main holiday this year than they did last year, as reported by ICE Newsroom. And it’s not because families are forced to take breaks in the all-expensive school holiday summer months (at least not in its entirety), it’s because parents are upgrading to a more expensive destination (34 per cent), while 24 per cent are going on a longer holiday and 19 per cent are planning a break for more than a fortnight.

UK Families are Splashing out on Yearly Holidays

According new research by M&S Bank, an average family of four expects to spend £1,878 on flights and accommodation, with 57 per cent intending to shell out more than they did in 2014. One in 10 will spend more than £4,000. 

The most popular accommodation for British holidaymakers is hotels, with half planning to stay in one. Fifty-eight per cent of hotel guests are intending to go all-inclusive, with the remaining 42 per cent preferring to opt for a hotel without meals included.

Self-catering is the second most popular type of accommodation, with nearly a quarter (23 per cent) choosing this option. The study also shows that 12 per cent expect to use a holiday home owned by family or friends.

Whatever your Modus Operandi, it’s best to plan far in advance; to save and to be sensible. As awesome as it is to holiday in extravagant destinations, children will remember a simple camping trip with equal fondness because, for them, it’s not about the place; it’s about the company.

Source: – “Many families ‘spending more’ on main holiday”