How UK mums are influenced by celebrity parenting culture

We live in a media-propagated, celebrity driven culture – it’s old news. We all know it but, as parents, we spend a lot of time considering how this impacts our children (how much TV they should be watching and what magazines are going to damage their self-esteem?) and in the process we forget about how this type of culture affects us – as mums and dads.


According to a recent survey by Philips Avent, 15 percent of British mums are inspired by the baby names celebs have chosen to embellish their children. Thanks to the likes of V-Beckham, Gwyneth and Beyoncé, there are a mass of Blues, Sevens, Harpers and Apples running around Nursery (North hasn’t quite caught on yet). But names aren’t the only influence; more than a third (34 per cent) of the mums polled claim to have adopted a specific parenting style, such as attachment parenting, after hearing about a celebrity doing it.

Names are one thing but parenting style!? Wow!

It’s one thing figuring out how to raise your kids (in whatever way) and then one day stumbling upon the fact that “Hey! Jennifer Garner does the same thing! Cool!” and choosing a style of parenting just because Jennifer Garner (the chick from the movies) does it. – Right!?


I’d say that for most of us the first option applies. BUT what is more worrying is the subliminal effects of celebrity culture. They don’t mean to infiltrate out brain space but celebrities inadvertently do. They dictate trend and before ya know it, every mum is dressing their tots in dungarees and doing baby-led weaning (for argument’s sake).

Try as we might, the influences of Celebdom are unavoidable. Or are they?

Do you think that you are influenced by celebrity baby culture? And is it a bad thing?

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