Undercover Reporter Reveals How Many Misuse Parent-Child Parking Spaces

The proper use of parent-child parking bays is an ongoing debate – the fuel for many a shopper’s furore. You’ve no doubt experienced the conflict over the reserved spaces firsthand; but just in case you were a little vague on the rate of (and ridiculous reasons given for) exploiting what is meant for folks with actual children – who are also actually in the vehicles and not in an entirely different location to the store – here’s an undercover reporter’s revelations. Warning: if you’re already feeling hot ‘n’ bothered about the topic, the following is bound explode your rage thermometer.

Child parking space

Staking out a Sainsbury’s car park in South-East London, The Mail On Sunday discovered that, in one day, a total of 30 shoppers were making use of the parking spots sans a single child in sight.

The responses to being caught were varied; although none – as expected – provided even a hint of legitimacy to their use of the bays.

“I’ve got to hold my hands up, I’ve learnt my lesson and won’t do it again,” said one BMW driver.

Forgivable? Probably.

But then —

‘I used to have a small hatchback so I would go in the normal spaces. But I have a larger car now and it’s quite expensive so I don’t want it getting damaged,” justifies a Kia-driver.

“When I arrived there were lots of other free spaces. If that wasn’t the case, I would happily go and park elsewhere.”

Kinda missing the point there, dear.

“At this time of day, I don’t think it’s a problem. All the kids are at school and there are loads of free places,” another shopper argues.

Yes; because right from birth, babies are trotting off to school.

And the piece de resistance: one guy pulls in to the designated bay – and promptly takes a nap for half an hour.

Will you be needing your milk feed with that, sir?

Via madeformums.com  ( http://www.madeformums.com/news-and-gossip/undercover-reporter-reveals-just-how-much-shoppers-abuse-parent-and-child-parking-spaces/42684.html )