Unique ways to announce your pregnancy

Keeping your pregnancy under wraps until you’re ready to tell people is hard when you’re so excited. Some people like to announce it straight away, others may choose to wait until the first scan so they have a picture to surprise their friends and family with.

Unique ways to announce your pregnancy

With the age of the internet and other forms of technology, announcing a pregnancy has become a big occasion for many parents-to-be. Here are a few fun and quirky ways to tell people you have a little one on the way.


Cryptic cards

Sending a card to your parents and/or your partner’s parents is a fun way to let them know they have a grandchild on the way. The twist here is not just in writing a card to let them know, but choosing a card that is designed for grandparents. They may be confused initially, but this will soon turn to joy when they realise the real message.


Sibling photo

If you already have children, this is a lovely way to announce the arrival of another to the world. You can take a photo of your child, or children, holding the scan picture or holding up a piece of paper saying ‘big brother/sister’ with the due month of your new baby.


Pet love

If you don’t have other children but you do have a pet, some people have chosen to use this as an opportunity to announce they’re expecting, with the pet taking on the role of big brother or sister. Others have posted pictures of their pets next to scan photos and written announcements, an adorable option, should your pet sit still long enough!



Getting a t-shirt printed and posting a picture of yourselves wearing it on your profile, can be fun and quirky. Some parents wear ‘mummy’ and ‘daddy’ t-shirts, or if you have children, another great way is for a sibling to announce it by wearing a t-shirt saying ‘only child, expiring in….’ and adding the date of your expected arrival.


How you choose to announce your pregnancy is completely up to you. Make it as personal, quirky and funny as you like but never feel pressured into having to make the announcement.