Unirider: The Speedy Answer to the Toddler School Run

There comes a time when every toddler must bid adieu to the buggy; they may be straining at the straps and screeching to be loosed from captivity, or you might be receiving those reproving looks from strangers when your kid’s legs are long enough to drag alongside the wheels.


The thing is, even if your tot has indeed outgrown the chariot, the transition from wheels to walking at a pace that will get you somewhere this century is not a swift, nor smooth one.

Enter the Unirider.

Designed for children aged between 2 and 5, the Unirider is the brainchild of dad Simon Langham – who came up with the idea in order to help avoid the tears and tantrums whenever he needed to tow his son from point A to point B.

“Freddie reached the age of three, and he wasn’t at all keen on sitting in the pushchair for any length of time. Everyone ended up frustrated, so it got me thinking. There had to be a clever solution to this problem. I had the idea that riding a single wheel could be fun, simple and speedy.”

(Trust a dad to invent a solution that involved speed and wheels.)

The Unirider gives young ones a sense of freedom whilst keeping them within parental reach. The air-filled tyre also makes the mini-vehicle light, yet totally able to take on off-road terrain, too. It’s the perfect in-betweener while your kiddo masters the scooter or bicycle.

Obviously, a helmet is a necessity – but with a ride this cool, we doubt your lil’ thrillseeker will make too much fuss about that.

The Unirider costs £79 and is available here.

Via netmums.com