Unusual birthing stories – Mum gives birth on a train

Okay, so you know how pregnant mums always joke about having their baby in the car, on an aeroplane or, worst case scenario, on the bus (in my circle of crazy mummy friends, at least)? Well, it really happened.

Not to me (thank goodness) – although if there ever is a baby number three you can be sure I will strap myself to a hospital bed rather than leave on doctor’s orders (judging by the speed at which baby number two made her entrance).

A month-or-so ago 22-year-old Sonia Banks gave birth to a baby girl on board the 18:18 London Victoria to Maidstone East train.


New mum Sonia’s contractions started on the train and baby Phoebe was born within the hour. Sonia gave birth standing up, leaning over the back of a seat, as reported by the Mirror.co.uk. Thank goodness there was a midwife on board, and an off-duty nurse also helped! Sonia’s hubby and mum-in-law were also with her.

The Banks family doing well and baby Phoebe is none the wiser.

But what a cool birth story! Sonia and Phoebe trump us all!

Do you have a crazy birth story you’d like to share? Please do!

Source: Mirror.co.uk – ““I can’t believe I gave birth on a train”: Mum’s delight at unscheduled arrival on the 6.18 service”