Visits after birth – when’s appropriate

When it comes to visits after birth, there is no hard and fast rule. The best thing to do is ask if you’re a visitor, and be honest if you’re the one being visited.

Visits after birth

When I had all three of my children, I was happy to have visitors almost immediately, in hospital and at home, but I most certainly was not comfortable having anyone (and I mean anyone) stay at my house – I wanted the freedom to leave the bathroom door open; to mooch around without having to be considerate of other people; and to give my body the space to do its post-preggy thing. And I had to be quite candid with both sets of parents when it came to my wishes. But that’s just me!

I have lots of mummy friends who loved having their mums over to help when the new baby was born (it can be useful to have an extra set of hands if you already have other kids) and some of my friends preferred some ‘alone time’ to bond with their new little baby. All of these scenarios are totally OK!

Things can get complicated when new mums and dads aren’t really clear about when they would prefer visitors, and visitors don’t think to ask what new parents would prefer re visiting. New grandparents especially can be super excited about a lovely new grandchild but it is fine to tell them that you want a couple of ‘no visit’ days if that’s what you prefer; it’s also a good idea to let dad step in as visitor liaison, just make sure that you and your partner are on the same page.

Also remember that hospitals have fairly strict visiting hours, which works to your advantage if you don’t relish the idea of a familial onslaught.

Ultimately, communication is the answer to all your worries when it comes to post-birth visiting; embrace it – people are more understanding than you think. And if the more visitors the merrier – then fabulous. As long as you’re doing it YOUR WAY.