Walking safety tips for toddlers

When a baby learns to walk, or worse still run, there is no stopping her, making this stage of a baby’s development extremely tiring for parents, who are constantly chasing after their toddler.

Roads are naturally a big hazard for toddlers, as they do not have the ability to sense danger yet. If, with your youngster’s tendency of running off, your heart sinks every time your toddler is near a road, reading the following walking safety tips for toddlers should help.

Keep close to your child

It may sound obvious, as well as easier said than done, but make sure that you keep close to your child at all times when you are outside. A lapse in concentration, such as talking on a mobile phone, could result in your child running off towards a road – Stay a close to her as possible.

Say stop

If your child does run ahead, shout stop if you feel it is appropriate. If she does stop praise her immensely by telling her what a good girl she has been.

Talk to your child

As soon as you start your walk, engage your child in conversation. Talk about the places you are passing and where you are heading, and of course, roads that you will be crossing. With your toddler’s mind actively thinking about things, she will be less likely to run off and will be more familiar with objects, including the road.

Walk ahead

To build your toddler’s confidence up by walking independently, walk ahead several paces and then let her catch you up. Gradually increase the distance you leave between yourself and your child, as this will teach her to have an object to walk towards instead of just walking aimlessly.

Take the buggy

If your child does not stop when you ask her to, put her in the buggy for several minutes before trying again. Repeat the ‘buggy punishment’ until she finally learns to stop when she is told to.