Wearable baby monitor tracks health

One of the most difficult things about raising a baby is the guesswork involved – even when you get to know your baby’s cries and can meet the need with minimal hesitation there are times when you just don’t know what is wrong or what to do.

Wearable baby monitor tracks health

There are many baby monitors on that market, using the latest technology,  that aim to help parents know their babies better and keep track of their wellbeing…but nothing quite like the Sproutling Baby Monitor. New on the scene, what differentiates Sproutling from other baby monitors is the fact that it is wearable.

Sproutling is a combination wearable band, smart charger and mobile app that gathers 16 different measurements every second and is designed to help parents know how their baby is doing when there is no movement or noise, or at times when a parent cannot pay full attention to a monitor.  Basically, it aims to take some of the guesswork out pf parenting – as the product slogan suggests.

The wearable band is soft, breathable, hypoallergenic and washable. It sits around baby’s ankle and is equipped with a smart sensor that senses heart rate, skin temperature, motion and sleep position. The band communicates with an app on your phone, communicating the insights gathered by the monitor and sending real-time notifications that let you know whether baby is sound asleep or if something is wrong – if baby has perhaps rolled over or is experiencing significant changes in heart rate or skin temperature.

The idea goes something like this: if you’re having a dinner party and things get a little rowdy, changes in heart rate or baby’s restlessness will let you know that you need to tone things down a little before babs wakes up.

Sproutling also comes with a wireless charger; simply drop the band in the charging bowl and it powers up.

Arguable, monitoring devices like Sproutling might breed an attitude of paranoia – as a parent it’s easy to become obsessed with every movement and breath made by your baby and keeping your attention glued to your phone (monitor) is probably not all that healthy.  And does a baby really need an ankle monitor? Life is already far more stifling than it was just ten years ago. That said; there’s no better feeling than peace of mind when it comes to your child’s health. Worry is never fun.

The Sproutling is currently available for pre-order. Visit sproutling.com to find out more.