What are the benefits of siblings?

Deciding whether or not to have more children and give you’re your child a brother or sister can be a difficult decision to make and one that should be made by nobody but yourself and your partner.

Whilst bringing up children in a loving and safe environment is the main priority for parents, there are certain advantages of raising children with brothers and sisters.

benefits of siblings

Check out the following five benefits of siblings.

Babies learn to self-soothe

During your pregnancy you are bound to have heard the advice to leave your baby crying in order to thwart ‘spoiltness’. Whilst this may not be entirely sound advice, as babies who are brought up to feel loved and protected are generally believed to grow up feeling ‘secure’, as older siblings naturally need attending to, second babies often learn how to soothe themselves more efficiently than firstborns.

Younger siblings walk quicker

Whilst there are no ‘set rules’ to how quickly a baby and toddler learns to walk, according to research conducted at the College of Staten Island in New York, more than 60% of second children walked earlier than their older siblings.

The reason for this is fairly self-explanatory and is usually due to the fact that babies love to watch and copy and older siblings make the perfect coach!

Younger siblings talk quicker

By the same token, by copying older brothers and sisters many younger children, intent on ‘being like’ their siblings, often master talking quicker than firstborns.

Attention is divided

When parents have a new baby to look after, their attention is logically divided between the new baby and other older siblings. As a baby naturally demands a massive amount of attention it is easy for older siblings to feel ‘left out’ and a little rejected. Whilst this can be a negative component of having more than one child, it will inadvertently teach children that the ‘world doesn’t revolve around them’ and can have positive effects on a child’s social development.

Learning to share

Children who have brothers and sisters are naturally forced to learn the concept of sharing than ‘only’ children. This can be a valuable skill for young children to learn before they start nursery or school where they will be forced to share with others.