What does your partner do better than you when it comes to the kids?

There are some things that dads just do best.

In my house dad taught both girls to: hold their own bottles, feed themselves, dress themselves, drink from a cup, ride a scooter… pretty much anything that involves patience, practice and practicality. He was/is also genius at settling them to sleep.

Dad is also great at encouraging the girls to try new things and his ‘character voices’ when reading stories are totally unbeatable.

My man is also really good at watching YouTube videos with our girls and showing them the sites and wonders of that scary thing called the World Wide Web (he also knows a lot about internet security – a good thing I think).

All in all, we make a pretty good team. His practical sense is complimented by my sense of whimsy and exuberant imagination.

It’s not always smooth sailing but somehow we manage to wade our way through this unpredictable swamp of a world. I know for sure that I couldn’t do this parenting thing without him.

What parenting tasks does your ‘baby daddy’ do better than you?