What Does Your Star Sign Say About Your Mum Skills?

Whether you’re into it or not, the zodiac can provide some fascinating—if not just plain fun—insight into your Mummy personality.

Star Sign Say about mum skills

The Aquarius Mum (21 January-19 February)

Strong, independent women who are often surrounded by friends and parents to highly creative kids. One of the Air signs, Aquarians aren’t know for stability, however; discipline doesn’t come easily, and their children tend to be a handful!

The Pisces Mum (20 February-20 March)

Playtime is unrivalled in the Piscean household—these mamas have bundles of imagination! On the other hand, they’re less than practical, making decisions with heart over head most of the time.

The Aries Mum (21 March-20 April)

A genuine Supermum, the Aries mother gets through her to-do list like nobody’s business. This also means that she can be a tad impatient when her little ones don’t fall into step!

The Taurus Mum (21 April–21 May)

The star sign most symbolic of the protective mother, Taurus tends to be unendingly patient, with a love unequalled. She may also be hard on her own, because love can be tough, too!

The Gemini Mum (22 May–21 June)

The twin sign, Gemini symbolises fun and open-mindedness. The duality can also mean that Gemini mummies may get caught up in the buddy versus mother role conflict.

The Cancer Mum (22 June–22 July)

Highly protective—perhaps the pioneer of helicopter parenting, Cancerians are tuned-in to every minor discomfort befalling their brood. They’re also very sentimental, and may find it hard to let go of their little ones as they grow.

The Leo Mum (23 July–22 August)

Confident and entertaining, there’s never a dull moment with a Leo mum. On the other hand, the drama can be a bit much if their children happen to be more introverted!

The Virgo Mum (23 August–23 September)

A veritable domestic goddess, the Virgo mum makes a home so cosy and comfy, her children may never want to leave! These mothers sometimes need to take a step away from household duties and focus on some self-care—and fun!

The Libra Mum (24 September–23 October)

A superb communicator and peacemaker, Libra mums can teach their kids a lot about smooth social interaction. But they can also be too focused on social convention, and may need to loosen up a bit when it comes to their children’s individual expression.

The Scorpio Mum (24 October–22 November)

Highly intelligent and intuitive, the Scorpio mum tends to cultivate inquisitive and conscientious offspring. Sometimes, though, this can go too far, and she may need to reign in her wariness so as not to make cynics of her kiddos.

 The Sagittarius Mum (23 November–21 December)

Positive and an adventure-seeker, the Sagittarius mother is well-suited to the peaks and troughs of parenthood. Her only difficulty might be in relinquishing her independence once baby and high demands come along.

The Capricorn Mum (22 December–20 January)

Like the Aries mummy, planning is a Capricorn’s strong point, and schedules are the Holy Grail. This can, of course, be problematic if mum doesn’t let go a little when things don’t turn out as she set out on paper.

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