What Flooring is Best for Babies?

You’ve got the cutesy crib, baby gros, and the warehouse-supply of nappies…but what about flooring? It’s likely slipped your radar, but proper, practical and comfy flooring is an essential for the scrapes and spills of family life. Here are the expert tips on which flooring works best for life with little ones.

Baby crawling on cream carpet

London interior designer and mum of twin boys Sarah Wodehouse says you don’t need to overhaul your flooring when baby is on the way—there’s a cheaper, and totally effective alternative: foam floor tiles (those coloured alphabet tiles that tots can play on without you worrying about head bumps…or carpet stains).

“If a floor surface is a bit harder or colder than you would want,” says Sarah, “then put this alphabet stuff down – it’s useful stuff!”

But what if you’re in the midst of redecorating when you’re about to add to the fam? Sarah advises steering clear of wooden floors; they’re easily prone to damage, and a pain to maintain when you’ve got baby-care to prioritise.

Instead, try linoleum or vinyl flooring: a doddle to keep clean (just a quick mop wash), hard-wearing, and softer than wood.

If you aren’t keen on having your entire home furnished in lino, carpet can still work.

Scott Carter-Dowding, president of the National Institute of Carpet and Floor layers (NICF), suggests polypropylene carpets as opposed to the wool carpets – “They are a little bit cheaper and it’s the bleach-cleanable thing that is swaying people towards that,” he explains.

Sarah recommends carpeting especially for the nursery; it’s warmer, comfier, and, most importantly, muffled the sounds of your 3am pacing and a disgruntled newborn.

“For me acoustics are very important,” says Sarah. “I am a fan of carpet but I wouldn’t go with a deeper pile because of all the muck that goes in them.” A little unromantic; but you’ll soon surrender that myth when you’re cleaning spit-up, half-eaten detritus—and (sorry), probably poop—from the shag rug.

Via madeformums