What is a babymoon?

What is a babymoon? A ‘babymoon’ is much like a honeymoon (plus a beautiful belly pump) – it’s a holiday taken by parents-to-be (alone) before their baby is born.

It’s a time to escape all the pre-baby chaos and chillax before life gets super-manic and baby-focused.

The babymoon getaway has been gaining in popularity since the 90s as couples have progressively bought into the notion that it’s a good idea to get some lovey-dovey personal time in before partners become nappy-changing-baby-feeding-vomit cleaning room-mates.

period after the baby is born, during which parents sort of segregate themselves in order to focus on bonding with the new baby – it’s about relaxng in PJs, accepting meals from friends and family or eating loads of pre-prepared frozen stuff, forgetting the laundry for a couple of days… in order to focus on baby.

Most likely this variant of ‘babymoon’ is inspired by cultural practices that encourage new mums to stay at home for a length of time after a baby’s birth.

I have a Korean friend and she wasn’t allowed to leave her home for 3-4 weeks after her daughter was born. Her mum came around to help with life’s practicalities so that my pal had no reason not to chillax in bed and recuperate. Apparently the Chinese practice a 30-day confinement custom and Koreans do a 21-day version called “Samchilil”, which literally means “21 days”.

Western custom seems to compel parents to ‘get back to it’ as soon as they are able after the birth of a baby, and I think that there are loads of mums and dads who feel guilty taking any time to just hang out with their newborn. Life says that there is work to do, chores to complete and people to see. So although the post-baby version of a ‘babymoon’ is slightly deceptive in its title (there is no way that anything post baby is particularly romantic or relaxing), the idea of a ‘family timeout’ is a good one.

I think that the point of a babymoon, version one or two, is to take the time to revel in relationship and to remember the person who helped you create the little life that has already so enriched your marriage or partnership.

Did you take a babymoon with your man?