What Is Daisy Birthing?

You probably know about the standard pain relief therapies for birth—even a couple alternative ones; but have you heard of Daisy Birthing?

Trying to feel relaxed

In a nutshell, Daisy Birthing is an active birth combo of yoga and tai chi-esque movements, plus visualisation techniques to keep you calm and bolster your sense of control while in labour. The techniques are taught in weekly classes or one-day workshops, which you then continue to practice and perfect in the comfort of your home in preparation for the due date.

Mother of five Julie Long from The Daisy Foundation is the complementary birth therapy’s creator, and she explains: “Rather than tuning out their fears or worries about birth, we try and help mums tune in and deal with them so they have an empowered birth, whatever the delivery is like.

“You can’t guarantee the kind of birth you’ll have, but we hope that by being prepared, you’ll feel confident.”

The Daisy Birthing website lists the 4 key areas the techniques cover:

  • Antenatal and active birth education
  • Breathing techniques
  • Yoga-based movement
  • Deep relaxation, guided visualisation and birth hypnosis

The site also details the following outline for each class:

  • different yoga techniques to ease pregnancy symptoms and balance your body
  • breathing techniques to support the 3 stages of labour
  • relaxation sessions at the end of each class

What’s more, you’ll receive education and preparation tips for the possible outcomes of labour. And of course, you have the chance to build up a network of mums-to-be.
Importantly, Daisy Birthing is officially approved by the Federation of Antenatal Educators—but as it requires physical activity, it is advised you run the idea past your midwife or healthcare provider before you sign up.

To find a Daisy Birthing class near you, see here.

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