What is the ‘Elimination Diet’ and why is it recommended for babies with colic?

Well respected child and baby expert Martha Sears – mum of eight, registered nurse, former childbirth educator, a La Leche League leader, lactation consultant, co-author of 25 parenting books, lecturer and media guest – recommends the Elimination Diet whenever she suspects a baby’s colic could be caused by sensitivities to food in a breastfeeding mother’s diet.

My little niece suffers from allergy related colic, and the biggest struggle is trying to figure out which foods are the ones that seem to affect her gut and make her fussy.

My sis-in-law is currently on the Elimination Diet in an effort to try and figure out what is bugging poor babs.

The Elimination Diet recommended by Martha Sears is based on eating the least allergenic food in each of the food groups – so:

Range-fed turkey and lamb, baked or boiled potatoes and sweet potatoes (with salt and pepper only), rice and millet as your only grain, cooked green and yellow squash for your vegetable, and for fruit, pears and diluted pear juice. Drink a rice-based beverage drink in place of milk on cereal or in cooking. Do not yet use soy beverage. Take a calcium supplement.

And you’ll need to do this for 2 weeks to clear your system. The colic should subside at this point – if of course it is indeed related to food sensitivity. After that, you add other food to your diet (one every four days) to see how your baby reacts, keeping a record of what happens.

The whole thing is explained on the Ask Dr Sears website (in reference to Martha Sears’ husband – who is also a renowned child doctor) – CLICK HERE to read up more on the diet.

The great thing about the Elimination Diet is that it is a natural solution to food related colic, and addresses the cause rather than the symptom. But, as with anything diet related (especially when breastfeeding) it is best to consult with your GP before commencing with the Elimination Diet – just to make sure that all is well and that you’re doing ‘safe’ eating.

Have any mums out there done the elimination Diet in an effort to help their colicky babies? If so, did it work?