What to buy as a first birthday gift

First birthdays are super important – a celebration of baby’s first year of life. How do we, as friends and family, honour that with a first birthday gift?

Here’s what the parents say regarding that first birthday gift (according to a recent survey by Micro-scooters.co.uk):

  • A play item that will develop with your child (39 per cent)
  • An electronic toy or item e.g. Baby Laptop (33 per cent)
  • A commemorative item which is added to each (18 per cent)
    year e.g. a charm bracelet
  • Clothes (10 per cent)

I guess that the difficulty is deciding on whether to go for something sentimental or for something that provides ‘instant gratification’, like a toy. What you choose will most likely be defined by your relationship with the birthday boy/girl, and his/her parents.

I am a big fan of books as gifts – a really nice book for a special occasion birthday, and something fun for any ol’ birthday celebration. But a book every year can get a bit predictable (aka boring) – kinda like the granny who knits you a jersey every year for Christmas; the sentiment is appreciated but… yawn!

Nonetheless, a keepsake-type book for a girl’s first birthday is what I’d go for – and I’d write a message inside (especially if it’s somebody I know well). My mum would buy clothes or teddies and my husband would probably go for a techno gadget (girl or boy).

For a boy, I’d probably go for something that will be appreciated in the moment – book or toy. Men tend to be less sentimental by nature, so the chances of said birthday boy appreciating something commemorative in ten years’ time are unlikely.

And the most obvious, and best tip, is to consider the one-year-old’s personality; get something that he/she will love! Don’t shop to impress, shop because you care.

What is your favourite first birthday gift idea?