What to expect in months four to six of your baby’s life

Between the ages of four and six months your baby becomes far more alert, mobile, and their personality really starts to shine through. These are exciting stages, full of developmental milestones and new adventures.



Here’s a look at what you can expect your baby to be doing between four and six months of age.


Evolving motor skills

Your baby’s arms and legs probably wiggle and kick with more purpose now, and you may soon find your little one rocking on their stomach and eventually rolling over. They’ll also start to have better head control, and most can raise their heads during tummy time. They may even begin to try and bear weight on their legs. At around six months, most babies begin sitting unsupported once you position them upright.


Hand-eye coordination

During these stages of your baby’s development, they’ll grasp your finger, a rattle or soft objects. Anything within reach is highly likely to end up in your little one’s mouth between the ages of four and six months!


Improved vision

Between four and six months your baby will begin to distinguish subtle shades of red, blue and yellow, and may also be intrigued by more complex patterns and shapes. You may notice them concentrating on a particular toy or staring at their reflection in a mirror. If you roll a ball across the floor your baby will probably turn their head to follow the action.


New sounds

Babies start to babble and make chains of new sounds between the ages of four and six months. They will respond to sounds you make, or ones they hear around them by using their own voice to express joy. They may also start to recognise their own name.


It’s important to remember that all babies develop at different paces, and this is merely a guide as to what your child may be doing at this stage.