What to say when the tooth fairy forgot to visit!

When your child’s first tooth falls out it is a momentous occasion for parents and child, an emotional sign that shows your bundle of joy is getting bigger and is no longer a baby!

This eagerly anticipated event is marked and celebrated by the tooth being taken away by the tooth fairy from under your child’s pillow as he sleeps and replaced by a shiny coin. This is a common family scenario when a child’s milk teeth begin to fall out, a tradition that has been etched into society for decades.

tooth fairy forgot to visit

However, with a million and one things to do and with many parents being utterly exhausted by the time their little ones are in bed, it is also quite common – or at least not unusual – for parents to forget all about the tooth fairy.

When it comes to the morning and a child eagerly looks under his pillow to see if the tooth fairy has been, he is naturally aghast to find his tiny milk tooth still staring up at him, whilst his parents are even more aghast that they forget to remove it!

If this situation sounds frightfully familiar or you are worried that it could easily be replicated, here’s some great excuses for when the tooth fairy forgot to visit!

1. There has been a change or tooth fairy ‘rules’ – you are supposed to write a note and leave it under your below reminding the tooth fairy to come! – Also a cunning way to get children to practise their writing!

2. You have to be really well behaved all day for the tooth fairy to come at night! – Great if your child had been misbehaving during the day in question and also great for encouraging a child to behave well today!