What types of books stimulate a baby’s vocabulary?

I’ve always assumed that talking and reading to your baby (or tot) is a good way to boost vocabulary.

I have two girls. My three-year-old is story-obsessed; she loves books and I have already completer “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” and “James and the Giant Peach” – both of which she had a fabulous time with. My sixteen-month-old is more interested in turning the pages than the actual story; if there’s a cat on the page, she’s keen but otherwise she’s has the attention span of a flea.

It’s interesting how two children from the same gene pool can be so completely different.

So, what types of books stimulate a baby’s vocabulary? If you’re interested in ways to stimulate a baby’s vocabulary, Psychologists from the University of Waterloo, Canada, have found that picture books are the best way to inspire speech.

New research shows that books with no words are best for boosting language skills because parents spend more time answering questions and discussing illustrations than they would with a wordy story book.

But it’s not the mere discussing that boosts vocab, it’s the fact that parents use more complicated language when talking through the pictures than they would when confined to the words of typically age-appropriate children’s book. – As reported by the Daily Mail.

I’ve been feeling pretty rubbish because the story telling efforts I make with my youngest daughter are not nearly as effective as they were (and are) with my older child. It’s useful to know that merely talking about a picture can be as effective in a child’s development.

What I am interested in knowing is; if the complexity of the language used is the thing that assists in the development of speech and vocab, would talking to children in a more sophisticated manner achieve the same goal?

Or is there something about the act of cuddling on mum’s lap and talking over a picture story book that aids the process? Could someone do a study please?

How often do you read to your children? Do you use picture books or word books more predominantly?

Source: Dailymail.co.uk – “How picture books boost your child’s vocabulary: Stories with no words help because toddlers ask questions about what they see