What women do to bring on labour

Being pregnant and overdue is not the best thing in the world. I have a friend who was recently two weeks overdue with her second baby and she was going mental.

Pregnancy gets to the point when you just want the baby to arrive already – and as much as it has to do with meeting the baby it’s about swollen feet, giant belly, stretching skin and a general feeling of discomfort.


Am I right or am I right?

According to a new survey by Care.com, women will go to extraordinary lengths to get their labour going.

The most popular response was to eat a hot and spicy curry – 78 per cent of respondents said they had tried this. Next on the list was having sex– popular with 65 per cent of women.

Least popular was bouncing on a trampoline, with just 6 per cent of women attempting a brisk jump. But a determined 39 per cent confessed to having eaten a whole pineapple to try and encourage their baby to arrive, and going on long walks also appeared in the list.

Both my baby girls arrived early and I am convinced that it was walking that did it. The first time, I walked from the Royal Albert Hall (where I had a work function) all the way across Hyde Park to The Dorchester and from there all the way down Oxford Street to catch a bus home.

My water broke the next morning – I didn’t go into labour (until a day later) but tried all of the above – curry, pineapple… and I even ran so as not to miss the bus.

The second time I walked from Waterloo station to the London Eye and then all the way along the South Bank past the London Dungeons to a little restaurant just along the way. My water broke the next morning. But this time around labour started much quicker (a couple of hours later).

Walking is the business ladies!

What did you do to bring on labour – did it work?