What women think about pregnancy

Pregnancy, facts aside, means different things to each and every woman; some love it some loathe it but whatever the sentiment, we have to go through it if we want a baby.

It seems however that modern mums (and mums-to-be) find pregnancy empowering, for the most part – as revealed by a new survey questioning what women think about pregnancy from Babeswithbabies.com.

And there are a few reasons why the year 2013 is a great year for women to have babies:

Our partners are finding us sexier than ever, it’s cool to be pregnant in the work place and fabulous fashion means that we no-longer need to hide our bumps under baggy dungarees.

Over 80 per cent of women found their partner loved their new shape, with over a quarter finding them more attractive, more than half of us feel confident at work as pregnant women and over 60 per cent of us choose tight, figure hugging clothes over loose styles.

Yay for woman’s lib.

Also, two thirds of women felt stylish throughout their pregnancies; with a quarter describing themselves as feeling ‘ultra-feminine’.

Modern society, although enveloped in harmful media scrutiny and sensationalism, has also given women the opportunity to live freely (more so than the days of yesteryear).

Pregnant bodies are not shameful but gorgeous and sexy – and it’s nice to live in a time where we can be expressive of our pregnancy excitement and beauty.

It’s not all peachy of course – swollen feet, stretch marks and water retention; but sometimes all it takes is a little positive thinking to inspire a little preggy belly chutzpah.

What do you think?