What’s in a name?

One of the many exciting things about becoming a parent for the first time, or welcoming a new addition to your family, is choosing a name for your baby. You may have family names that are passed down through the generations, perhaps you have a favourite one that you’ve been waiting to use, or you might have absolutely no idea whatsoever what you’re going to call your newborn.

What’s in a name?

Baby names have peaks and troughs in popularity. A royal baby usually sparks an influx of new parents following suit, while others take their inspiration from TV shows or blockbuster films. Some names come round every few years, some have almost disappeared altogether, and others are quite quirky.


The top baby names of boys and girls in the UK for the last year were recently revealed*. For the sixth year in a row, Oliver topped the list for boys, while Olivia held its number-one spot for the third year running for girls. Let’s have a look at the others that made the list



1. Oliver                                              2. George

3. Harry                                              4. Noah

5. Jack                                                 6. Leo

7. Arthur                                             8. Muhammad

8.Oscar                                              10. Charlie



1. Olivia                                               2. Amelia

2. Ava                                                  4. Isla

3. Emily                                              6. Mia

7. Isabella                                           8. Sophia

9. Ella                                                 10. Grace

There were a few new entries that have never made the top 100 list of baby names before, including Grayson, Rowan and Tobias for the boys, and Delilah, Ayla and Margot for the girls. And, for the first time since 1924, Ada made a comeback. Both Arthur and Ada may have enjoyed their place in the list thanks to the popular TV show ‘Peaky Blinders’. On the flip side, it seems technology could have had a detrimental effect, with the number of baby girls being named Alexa more than halving, compared to 2017.


Not everyone wants to go with popular, some of the rarest names given to only three babies in England and Wales include Farrow, Ikra, Pietra, Quynn, and Waverly for girls, and Artemus, Hannibal, Jerzy, Pippin and Yogi for the boys.