What’s the best highchair for me?

Three great highchairs that will grow with your baby

A highchair is just a highchair, right? Well not quite, as highchairs do vary a great deal in quality, longevity, style and price. If you are on the market for a highchair for your baby it is important that you buy one that is going to grow with your baby.

If you are asking the question ‘what’s the best highchair for me?’, read on as we have found three highchairs to cater for various budgets but should all prove to be good investments due to their longevity mechanism.

What's the best highchair for me?

Babies grow extremely quickly and no sooner are they a newborn baby in arms; they are flinging food across the room from their highchair! Because of a child’s ability to grow at ultra-rapid rates during those first few years, it is wise to buy a highchair that will literally grow with him.

Many modern high chairs come with a transition option that means it can used as a cradle for younger babies, in an upright position for older babies and as a toddler booster for those independent toddlers!

Bloom Nano

With a seat that starts as an off-the-ground cradle, this funky and futuristic-looking highchair has multiple ‘grow-with-child’ modes that can support up to 79 pounds in weight.

The Bloom Nano Highchair can be bought at modparent.com.

Svan Birtch

Another trendy highchair that will cater ineptly with your baby’s every mealtime whim! Parents can simply remove the tray and safety guard and then use the highchair as a full-sized chair at the dinner table when their baby reaches the independent toddler stage!

You can buy the Svan Birtch highchair at buybuybaby.com.

Blossom 4-in-1 Seating System

In featuring a quick-change seat button, parents can literally adjust the height and position of this highchair in an instant. With a six-position height adjustor, the Blossom 4-in-1 will support your babies rapidly altering demands at mealtimes.

You can buy the blossom 4-in-1 at toysrus.com.