What’s the most important thing about giving birth?

In a survey commissioned exclusively for Telegraph Wonder Women, 900 new mums across Britain were asked to list their top priority as influenced by their birth experiences.

High on the list of priorities (in no particular order) were:

  • Location of birthing unit; proximity of hospital increased in importance with women preparing to give birth to second and third children.
  • Midwife-led care during the actual birth (14 per cent).
  • Doctor-led care during the actual birth (5 per cent).
  • Giving birth in a hospital with a top neonatal ward.
  • A private room (high on the list for first time mums).
  • Access to a birthing pool.
  • Having space for partner to stay overnight.

The last three on the list decreases in importance with women preparing to have second and third children.

For me, mum of two and potentially giving birth to a third one day I’d say that proximity of hospital is pretty important (my second daughter arrived at warp speed – much quicker than my first).

I’d like to try a birthing pool but it’s not essential and I’m okay with my man not staying overnight; it’s just how the system works and I have two other girls who would need their daddy big time. That said; if it was my first baby having my hubby staying overnight would probably have been a bigger priority.

It seems that we want to feel comfy away from home, and we also want to feel secure in the fact that the health of our babies as well as our own is a top priority during the birth process. Seems fair to me?

What was/is your top priority as a mum or mum-to-be?