When is the right time to move baby into his own room?

Moving your baby to his own room is a pretty big deal, especially for first time parents.

As a mum, your baby was part of your body for 9-ish months and the transition from tummy to ‘real world’ is a bit of a shell shock (for mum, dad and baby). The next milestone is to move your babs out of your room, which can also be a shell shock.

So, when is the right time to move baby into his own room?

Many guidelines say six months but in all honesty it’s totally up to you as parents to decide what you’re okay with. Paediatrician Lane France says:

“During the first 10 days, it’ll probably be easier to keep him in the same room so you can more easily get up to feed him and so you’ll get used to his sleeping patterns and breathing noises.

From 2 to 4 weeks, he should still be sleeping in your room or in a separate room with a baby monitor. After that, it’s fine to let him sleep in his own room as long as you feel comfortable with that; just keep the doors open so you can hear him if he starts to cry.”

My first child stayed in my room for six months and my second child until she was four months old. It was easy to keep them near me early on because I was breastfeeding frequently.

But as they started to eat less it became less necessary to have them near me. I spoke to one of my mummy friends just the other day and her 12 week old has just acquired his very own bedroom.

My hubby and I did enjoy having the baby close by but I did miss my own space, and I grew tired of creeping into the room every night when I went to bed – especially with my first daughter.

I was totally excited to move both my girls to their own space; in part because I was reclaiming my own space (which becomes precious when you have children) but also because it felt a little bit like an achievement. My girls were growing up – a smile and a tear at the same time.

If you’re thinking about booting your baby into his own room but aren’t too sure; don’t rush it. Make sure you feel totally okay with it. I am a big believer in instinct and I think a mum’s instinct is a gift that should be acknowledged and applied.

If your gut tells you that you and your baby are ready for the move, you’ll feel okay about it and if you’re feeling a bit wary about the whole thing, wait a bit. Discuss it with your partner and support one another in the decision you make.

When did your baby move to his own room? Was it easy?

Source: Babycenter.com – “When can I let my baby sleep alone?”