When Two Becomes Three

For a long time, it’s been just you and your partner. You’ve had the freedom to go where you want, when you want, and do the things you both enjoy without having to consider anyone else. Plus, you’ve also been able to have as much sleep as you desire!

When 2 becomes 3

Now, however, there’s a small person in the mix! And that small person will undoubtedly be very demanding on you both. So, how do you find time for each other in amongst the chaos of being new parents? Here are some tried and tested tips from fellow first-time parents.


“Every day, no matter how tired you are, spend time with your partner to talk about your day, your feelings and your worries. Just five minutes at dinner is better than nothing at all.”

“Cry when you need to cry. Laugh at the smallest things, even if they aren’t that funny and save some love for your partner.”

“Be tactile with each other. Don’t forget, a quick cuddle, or a kiss, every day goes a long way!”

“Don’t take each other for granted. It’s easy to just bumble along, especially if you’ve been together a long time and you have a baby to think about. Try to support and encourage each other and always listen to each other’s problems.”

“Book a date night. Get a babysitter, go out on the town, and spend a glorious evening talking about anything other than the kids. It really helps you to see each other as sexy people again, rather than just mummy and daddy.”

“The most important thing in any relationship is communication. If you keep talking and being honest, you’ll keep that strong bond.”

“Have fun. Laugh. Don’t take things too seriously and don’t ‘sweat the small stuff’ as they say. Love each other first no matter what. Being a family will inevitably involve struggles, but it’s supposed to be fun as well!”

“For me, it’s all about the mantra ‘this too will pass’. The baby days don’t last forever, so I’m really trying to appreciate this little bundle while she still relies on me for everything. And knowing we won’t always be this sleep-deprived makes it all just that little bit easier to handle.”

“If anyone offers to help out and look after the children for an evening, or for a few hours during the day, take them up on it. As often as you can! An evening out chatting with your partner, or even just getting out for a walk, can make a huge difference to the way you feel.”

“If your relationship takes a bit of a back seat for the first few months, you are not alone. Caring for a newborn makes life hectic to say the least, but things will get better. When you both get some sleep you’ll be back to normal, and your relationship will be all the more special with a new addition to the family.”