When Will My Baby Belly Show?

Of course the first positive test, and then that momentous first ultrasound, is proof of something miraculous, but we can’t help but want something more visible to secure the fact that our babes are growing as they should be. The baby bump is thus much coveted by mums-to-be—but when does it show up?

Pregnant woman loving her unborn baby

Ultimately, there is no exact timescale for when you should start to ‘show’. When you do is down to a number of factors, including your height, bmi, abdominal strength, positioning of uterus, whether you’re carrying multiples, and how many pregnancies you’ve had prior.

In the first trimester, your growing baby is super-tiny. As you enter the next trimester, the uterus would have grown out of the pelvic area, so you should be able to feel the bump above the pubis.

The obvious outward evidence that you’re expecting tends to manifest between 14 to 16 weeks. But this is just an average, so don’t feel alarmed if your bump is taking longer to show up.

“As long as an ultrasound has determined that your baby is growing normally, there is absolutely nothing to worry about,” assures OB/GYN Sherry Ross.

“While we know when women typically start to show, it’s actually impossible to predict with any certainty,” says Ross. “Every woman shows differently.”

Via TodaysParent