Where Do Babies Get Their Looks (And Personalities!) From?

Whilst your baby is technically half your genetic material and half your partner’s (sort of), they’re hardly just a mish-mash, lucky-dip of the two. Here’s the fine print when it comes to what determines your bundle’s dashing looks and winning personality.

Where do babies get their looks from?

Your baby’s height

When it comes to height, it’s a simple system; taller parents usually equal lengthier babies—although it’s the dad’s genes that are more likely to determine the length. Firstborns are smaller, with siblings enjoying a stretchier uterus for extra growth. Boys are also typically bigger.

Your baby’s eye colour

Your baby has entered the world with deep blue peepers, but that isn’t necessarily how it’ll stay. The iris pigmentation usually only establishes itself closer to the six month mark. At this point, you can tell which side of the parenting pair won the toss-up…although sometimes, a recessive gene could gift babies with great-granny’s green eyes, or hazel from distant uncle Whatshisname.

Your baby’s hair

As with eye colour, genes can be dormant in the family line for generations. So two raven-haired parents could end up with a golden little chick, or vice versa.

Your baby’s personality 

The big one—is it nature, or nurture? Most experts favour the latter having the largest influence (no pressure). Also, according to Jerome Kagan, professor of psychology at Harvard University, “extrovert babies appear to grow into highly sociable adults, whereas quieter tots are likely to exhibit introverted traits later on.”

Via motherandbaby.