Which celebrity baby has the best hair?

Do you style your tot’s hair? I mean, seriously – do you? I do clips and bow and stuff – does that count as styling?

My sixteen-month-old has fab hair at the moment. She never lost any of her baby hair but we have shaved it twice, and because I couldn’t bear to part with the longer bit on top she now has like an extended quiff straight out of East London – it’s adorable.


My three-year-old has long luscious locks but she is forever pulling out her hair bands and consequently collects food and all manner of dirt in her mane – so her hair pretty much looks like it is never washed or brushed. And to be honest, I have given up trying and caring.

If you want some styling tips for your tot’s do, here’s a list of the top ten celebrity kids with the best hair, according to hair products retailer Fanriah.com:

Which celebrity baby has the best hair?

1. Harper Seven Beckham – 23%

2. Kingston Rossdale – 19%

3. Romeo Beckham – 16%

4. Mason Disick – 13% (son of Kourtney Kardashian)

5. Zahara Jolie Pitt – 10%

6. Zachary Furnish-John – 7% (son of Elton John)

7. Sparrow Madden – 5%

8. Suri Cruise – 4%

9. Aoife Belle Healy – 2%

10. Apple Martin – 1%

Harper Beckham is super cute and Suri Cruise has gorgeous hair – I don’t know much about the others but I’ll bet their locks are not as suave as my little Layla’s cool quiff!

Do you style your tot’s hair? If so, what’s your favourite look?

Source: Graziadaily.co.uk – “Which Celebrity Child Has The most Stylish Hair? Harper Beckham, Of Course!”