Who has to attend your baby’s christening?

So you’ve booked a date, time and venue for your baby’s christening now all you have to do is inform the guests.


Whilst the size of the christening and how many guests you want to invite is entirely up to you, there are a handful of guests whose attendance is essential! Who has to attend your baby’s christening?

Your Baby!

Your baby is the ‘guest of honour’ at her christening and all eyes will be upon your precious little bundle of joy! To help the day run smoothly try to make sure that your little one is rested, well feed and completely contented!

The vicar

A baby, or anyone for that matter, cannot be christened without the consent of a vicar. Make sure that you have finalised all the details correctly with the priest who will be leading the ceremony, so that you don’t turn up at the church one day and the vicar on another!

The parents!

It goes without saying that the parents of the baby will be wanting to attend their baby’s christening. If you are a single parent or your partner cannot make the service for some reason, don’t worry as a christening can still take place without both parents being present.

The Godparents

Godparents are an integral part of a christening and although becoming a godparent has no legal commitments, many ministers will ask them to declare their desire to be a person’s godparent. Traditionally the role of a godparent in the eyes of the Christian church was as the “sponsor” to introduce an individual to the faith, although nowadays the role of a godparent has become more of a friend and mentor than a spiritual guide.

Ensure that whoever you have chosen to be your baby’s godparents understand the commitment and what they can expect to ‘declare’ during the christening.