Who to invite to a first birthday party

A one year birthday party is a super exciting event! Not only are you celebrating the day that your babs made his way into the world but you’re celebrating the year gone by – that you and your baby have made it!

The big question is who are you going to celebrate with? In my mind you have three options:

1. Family – keep the event close-knit.

2. Family and baby’s ‘friends’ (as in other mums that you hang out with who have children of similar age to your own children).

3. Everyone – family, baby’s ‘friends’ and your friends.

Each event scenario has its own pros and cons. Choosing to keep it a family even is easy to get away with; people usually understand if you say that you’re keeping it a ‘small family affair’.  But if there are not really any babies or children in your family you might feel that you’re sort of defying the point of a birthday party for your child.

If you do feel like this, then you’ll probably go for option number 2, and invite some of your mummy friends and their babies too.

But then you might have friends who have invested a great deal of time and love in your child but who do not qualify as ‘family’ of ‘mummy friend’.

In which case, you’ll go for option number 3; have a big fanfare and invite all in sundry.

The truth of the matter is: your baby will most likely not remember his first birthday party. The giant cake, party favours and presents … all forgotten. There will be photos, of course, just to prove to babs that you did have a bit of a shindig but that’s about it.

But you will remember!

And you will celebrate!

Who did you invite to your child’s first birthday?