Why am I so tired?

Having a baby is exhausting. All those sleepless nights, early starts and having another human being who is completely reliant on you, no wonder you are shattered by eight o’clock at night and don’t seem to have the energy that you used to.

If extreme tiredness is impairing your ability to look after your baby, you need to seek advice from a doctor. There is however different lifestyle issues that can intensify the fatigue you are feeling since you had a baby and just modifying certain areas of your life could help to lift your fatigue. If you are asking ‘Why am I so tired?’, read on…

Ensure you eat enough iron

With a baby to attend to and so little time, it is easy to neglect your own dietary needs when you have had a baby. A deficiency of iron is one of the common causes of tiredness and fatigue, particularly in women who have just had a baby and lost a considerable amount of blood. Ensuring that you get enough iron by eating plenty of chicken, fish, pulses, green vegetables and egg yolk could help you feel less tired. If you feel that you are still lacking iron, take an iron supplement, as well as eating a healthy balanced diet.

Reduce your sugar intake

When we are feeling sleepy and lethargic it is easy to have a quick, sugary snack to lift our energy levels. Although, on the contrary, a huge sugar surge can cause drowsiness, and is one of the main reasons we tend to feel sleepy after a meal. Overcome this ‘afternoon tiredness’ by increasing the amount of fibre you eat at lunchtime to slow down a sugar rush.

Try not to feel anxious

It is easy to feel anxious when you have a baby to look after. Worries about money, weight and looking after the baby, all put demands on mothers and can subsequently lead to fatigue. Not putting too much pressure on yourself in trying to be a ‘good mother’, will help reduce these feelings of anxiety, which, when prolonged, can lead to fatigue and even depression.

Catch up on sleep

Your sleep is most likely to be interrupted with the arrival of a baby and naturally can cause you to feel tired. To catch up on lost sleep, take advantage of when your baby is asleep in the day. Instead of doing household chores when your little one is sleeping in the afternoon, take a nap yourself – it will refresh you no end and the washing up can always wait!