Why babies like monkeys

Are you a new mum? If so, do you spend hours of your day trying to get your small baby to respond? – If nothing’s working, it might be time to think about a trip to the zoo, or better yet… a pet monkey, or what about a lemur, perhaps a gorilla?

I am joking of course – I have no doubt that proverbial baby Johnny is cooing his little head off at the mere site of his lovely mummy.

Joke aside, you’ll be interested to know that scientists have recently found that not only do tiny babies engage in core cognitive processes when listening to human speech but also at the sounds made by non-human primates.

Hence the trip to the zoo…

But you’ve got to do it quickly because a baby will only respond to non-human primates for the first few months of its life – six months to be exact.

Human speech and non-human primate noises support the fundamental cognitive process of categorisation; a baby’s mind identifies which signals are part of its language and begins to systematically link these signals to meaning – as reported by business-standard.com.

Fascinating, right!?

And don’t panic if you don’t quite manage to build a gorilla enclosure in your backyard before little Johnny’s six-month birthday; if you keep on talking, the cognitive processes will keep on happening – a parent’s influence is always the greatest. Good to know!

Source: BusinessStandard.com “Human babies react to calls of non-human primates”