Why don’t Dads sing to their baby?

I have this somewhat movie-inspired image of a mum (or dad) on a rocking chair, holding a small baby… and as a fire crackles in the hearth and the snow falls outside, said mum or dad gazes down at said infant and hums a lullaby that makes the whole scene somewhat magical…

…surreal, more appropriately.

All mums and dads will know that such moments of tranquillity are few and far between – if your small baby is, in fact, actually sleeping, you’; most likely be grabbing the change for a sleep yourself. And as children get older and figure out how to vocalise and verbalise, quiet moments are a rarity. But it’s a nice dream.

But to further dash it (the dream, that is), dads should probably be taken out of the equation altogether. According to recent research by music provider Jo jingles, 57 per cent of dads avoid singing to their small children.

Why don’t Dads sing to their baby?

Well, dads either think they sing out of tune or they don’t believe that they can sing at all, or they feel embarrassed or awkward. Some also believe that singing is not very ‘many’ and is more suited to mums, so they leave them to it.

Sounds a bit like a confidence thing, right?

I think that what dads need to realise is that their babies love the sound of their voice, no matter what it sounds like (and in all likelihood it’s not as bad as is subjectively assumed). Singing or humming to a baby, or child even, is an intimate, bonding experience – drawing dad and babs closer as babs learns to recognise the voice of his/her father.

Mums! – If your baby’s daddy is not all that into the lullaby thing, don’t force him but perhaps encourage him to do it whilst no-one is looking. And if you happened to walk in on him singing a tune, for heaven’s sake don’t let him know!

Does your man sing to your baby? If not, why not?