Why exercise during pregnancy is good for the baby

Scientists have revealed that exercise during pregnancy will have healthier babies.

The study – conducted by scientists from California State University and the University of Greifswald in Germany – is not the first of its kind but it is the first to prove a direct link between exercise during pregnancy and vascular function extending into adulthood.


…it works on pigs.

So here’s an fyi: curly-tailed piggy wiggies are thought by scientists to have a similar biological response to humans, and so when our pink friends were put to exercise on treadmills for 20-45 minutes five days per week for a majority of their respective pregnancies and the results showed an improvement in the baby pigs’ vascular smooth muscle, we translate the study into human terms.

It’s fascinating information, especially because exercising whilst with the added weight of a baby is not always easy.

I did Zumba whilst pregnant – don’t panic mums; it was a seriously toned down version (no jumping or excessive bouncing) – and it felt great. I also carried on walking as I always had although winter did contribute to a tad less effort that I would usually make in the ‘get around’ department. But I did my best and I do hope that the effort I did make impacted my babies positively.

Consult your GP before you make any decisions but mild exercise is usually a good thing, especially if it’s what your body is used to. In the same vein, don’t do anything that will put you or your body under undue stress! – This is not good for the baby. Which is why you consult a professional first.

Did you exercise when you were pregnant? And how did you feel dong it?

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