Why too much TV is bad for your toddler or child

It’s a shocking but true statistic that at least one third of households in the UK have a television switched on permanently. And just as you’re getting over that alarming fact it may come as an even bigger shock that one in four children under the age of two in Britain has a television in their room.

With there being an increased reliance on television in modern households, many parents and doctors are questioning how much television is too much for toddlers and children.

If you are worried that your youngster is watching too much TV or are unsure about how much is too much, you may want to consider the following points on why too much TV is bad for your toddler or child.

Rising levels of childhood obesity

According to figures released in January of this year by the UK’s National Child Measurement Programme (NCMP), obesity rates amongst primary school children are on the rise.

Whilst a shift towards an increased intake of energy-dense foods that are high in fat and sugar are being blamed as a fundamental cause behind the rising levels of childhood obesity, inactive lifestyles, namely watching too much TV and playing video games, are also being blamed as a leading factor in childhood obesity.

It is generally advised that toddlers should be physically active for at least one hour every day, but according to studies, the average three-year-old in Britain is only active for 20 minutes.

Lack of imagination

When a child watches the television, or anybody for that matter, no imagination is required; they simply sit and take in what they are shown.

Asides causing a lack of imagination within children, new studies have shown that too much TV watching is affecting toddlers’ attention spans and that is is causing Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).