The Willa Walker: Cruise Control for Toddling Tots

As custodians to tiny persons, you’ll spend a large portion of the first few years bending down to clean up their spills, change their bums, pick them up, and help them cruise between potential crash sites…to name a few; this gig is literally backbreaking work, but now, a new “walking tool” may help ease the strain of at least the latter in your litany of parenting exercises…

The Willa Walker

The Willa Walker is an ingenious aid for parents who want to put on the *ahem* cruise control when it comes to helping newly minted little cruisers keep their balance.

It’s suitable from the moment your tenacious tyke starts pulling himself up, and moving along using various bits of furniture for support.

The Willa’s perfectly simple yet clever design incorporates a solid hardwood handle and two hardwood rings threaded with sturdy and durable flat rope.  As your tot gets to ‘grips’ with balance and gains mastery over the physics of gravity, you can gradually lengthen the rope to accommodate more freedom.

As the site emphasises, the Willa isn’t a get-walking-quick-scheme, and shouldn’t be used with the intention to improve your child’s motor skills – only facilitate them:
“We have not done any studies and we have no desire for this tool to be used in that way. Let your kid walk when they’re ready. Just make getting there less of a pain in your back.”

The Willa is great for when you’re away from home and available cruising surfaces are unsafe or hard to come by; primarily, though, the purpose of the walker is to give parents suffering from back pain a time out.

For every other mum and dad: you might wanna hold on to those lil’ hands for a bit longer. (And when you look back, you’ll forget that it ever felt like a chore.)

The Willa Walker is available in a variety of colours and wood engraving themes here.